Carpet Cleaning FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How often should I have my carpet professionally cleaned?
A: Get your carpet cleaned every 6 to 12 months on average. For some homes with extra heavy soiling from pets or children, cleaning every 3 months is needed. This can vary depending on how many adults, children and pets live in your home. We recommend you have your high traffic areas cleaned every 6 months.


Q: Can we walk on the carpet right after it’s been cleaned?
A: Yes, but we recommend that after your carpet is cleaned you do allow for some dry time. If you choose to walk on your freshly cleaned carpet, make sure you wear our complimentary shoe covers (slippers, socks, shoes are ok if bottoms are clean) when walking on it so that you do not transfer oils from feet to clean carpets. Remember that a damp carpet is just like a damp towel; it washes the dirt off any surface it comes into contact with, which deposited right onto your freshly cleaned carpet! It is also very important that you are careful not to slip when walking from damp carpet to hard surfaces, Please be careful!


Q: How often should I vacuum my carpet?
A: You should vacuum your carpet at least once or twice a week. Vacuuming frequently can actually give your carpet long life from not allowing dirt and grime from getting deep into the fibers and between the carpet and pad that can actually wear carpet faster in high traffic areas. In this instance, more is better. Be sure to check you vacuum for full bags or canisters, broken brush belts, or plugged hoses as these are very common problems that with drastically reduce the effectiveness of your vacuuming. We’ll be happy to give your vacuum a quick inspection while we are in your home!


Q: How long does it take the carpet to dry after cleaning?
A: It should take 4 to 6 hours to dry your freshly cleaned carpet, but can dry faster with ample air circulation and moisture ventilation. Carpet dries on the same principle as your clothing, the more air movement and warmth, the faster is dries. So, if weather permits, open windows, open vents, and turn on ceiling fans. Portable fans are a great idea also.


Q: What carpet cleaning process do you use?
A: We use a Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning process which allows us to clean your carpets with heat and steam to break down the oils, grease and dirt that makes its way into your floors. This process also extracts as we go, so that there is not a lot of moisture left in your flooring to allow for a faster dry. We use the RX-20 rotary extraction tool which greatly surpasses the conventional “scrub wand” in effectiveness. (Think floor buffer vs. mop) This rotary tool allows us to achieve better soil removal as well as faster drying times. It is approved by the most major carpet manufacturers as a safe and effective tool for cleaning your flooring investment.


Q: Are your cleaning products environmentally friendly?

A: Yes. We use environmentally friendly products that will not cause health problems for even the most chemically sensitive person. Our products will not harm children, pets, or plants. In cases of extreme soiling, or difficult to remove stains, we may use some stronger cleaning agents in a limited, controlled environment, but in such cases we will be sure to get your approval before hand, and are always careful to thoroughly rinse your carpet of all residues.


Q: Can you provide me with referrals?

A: Absolutely. I can provide you with a long list of local clients who have been thrilled with our services! Check out our Testimonials page.


Q: Have you had any training?

A: Yes. I have been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. (IICRC) I will gladly provide a certificate of certification upon request.


Q: Do you guarantee you work?                                                                                     

A: Yes. If you are not absolutely thrilled with your cleaning, I will re-clean at no charge. If you are still not satisfied, I will refund your entire bill.


Q: What is carpet protector and do you recommend it?                                            

A: Carpet protector is a treatment that is applied to carpet in the mills during the manufacturing process. This treatment coats the individual fibers with a protective barrier against stains and soils, keeping them from bonding to the fiber, and making it easier to clean. This protection will wear off with foot traffic and/or clean off. It is recommended that you re-apply this protection with each cleaning. Some cleaners use products (such as  3M Scotchgard or Dupont Teflon) with only provide good dry soil protection and some water and oil based stain protection but not the tough dye stains. We use a product that uses Dupont Teflon (which is a very good dry soil and water/oil based stain protection) as the base but has also utilizes a special environmentally friendly technology to protect your carpet fibers against even the toughest dye stains, making them easily removable long after the fact. This product is not a threat to you, your child’s or pet’s health, and the base product is used as a food packaging coating as well as in non-stick cookware.

Q: Can you remove pet stains or red dye stains?

A: Yes, we can remove 90% of pet stains and red dye stains. These will take extra work and at times, a separate treatment so we have to charge a fee, usually based on the number of stains there are. Pet stains and red stains that are more than a year or two old may become permanent. Also, pets that are on medication can leave a permanent stain. If we cannot remove the stain, we won’t charge a penny.

Q: Can you repair burns, holes, seams or re-stretch carpet?

A: Yes. We can do repairs skillfully enough that they will not be readily noticeable. We will need a donor piece that matches the carpet. Older carpets are harder to match because often they are faded or worn, and the donor piece is new. Donor pieces can be taken from a closet, from under furniture that is not moved, or from a remnant piece.